Sizing & Fit

These sizes are the average length of babies feet. Your baby’s feet may be longer or shorter than average. If you are able, be sure to measure your baby’s feet before you choose the size. Measure the foot from the tip of the big toe to the end of the heel. If possible, do this while the child is standing, add about 1/8” to that length for a bit of wiggle room. Choose the correct size using the size chart below. If your babies little foot is in between two sizes, we suggest purchasing the larger size.

Because these slippers are sewn by hand rather then a factory, we will try to eliminate some sizing errors however please understand if some measurements have minimal mistakes.

Secondly, all our slippers are lined with the highest quality fleece, we use either organic cotton or bamboo. This means the slippers can fit tight at first, that’s OKAY! We found without the lining, fabrics can be rough on little ankles. The fabric will flatten out, form to the foot and the cork will stretch with wear and pressure. This natural lining regulates the temperature to ensure babies feet are not to hot in the summer and not to cold in the winter.

Lastly, we work with an invisible elastic, this means they stay on better and mold to the child’s foot with wear.


Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our most common asked questions. If you have a question that is not shown here, please do not hesitate to contact us.


The Basics

How often is product released? When can I expect my order?

We release stock on the website weekly!

Please allow a 1-3 week turn around (business days only) time per order (not including shipping), we do apologize if for any reason Canada Post is delayed with your parcel.

Are your products sustainable?

Yes!  Check out our sustainability section, all textiles used in our creation is listed.

Are your products Eco friendly?

Yes! We use only the highest quality fabrics that are organic and eco-friendly. 

Are they water proof?

Water resistant, check out all the advantages of cork in our sustainability section.

Where are they made?

Vancouver, Canada and all our materials are sourced within Canada.

What is the goal of SoftSoul?

Make an impact on the environment, and the future of our planet, by reducing fast fashion, and providing eco friendly, and non animal products

What is your refund policy?

You can return unworn merchandise within 7 days for refund, however you will be charged a restocking fee for any returns outside the 7 day period.  Exchanges are always welcome during the same time. 

Damaged product must be reported to SoftSoul within seven days.

How do they fit?

Our Sizing chart is provided in the sizing category. We make our slippers to fit snug.  It’s normal for them to be tight, and have minimal room around the foot. The material will expand and soften with wear.

Do they stay on?

Yes! We have tightened the elastics many times to ensure babies kicks are allowed.  Rarely does the slipper leave the foot!

Do you ship to the USA?

Yes! of course.

Keep in mind our website is in Canadian currency, and we are not responsible for taxes and duties owed once you receive your product.

How long will they last?

We get this question a lot! Every family and child is so different, we have tested all our slippers with confidence on our own son and have been very impressed with what cork can withstand.

While cork is a durable material it is perfectly normal for some of the finish and colour to come off from crawling and toe dragging.

Also, we use natural cork as our bottom sole for our 0-9M shoes, which makes for a great “natural” indoor and dry outdoor weather feature.

We realize babies 9M+ require a more durable sole therefore we use an abrasion resistant, earth friendly textile on these larger sizes (in select styles). If you wish to have to sole remain natural please place a custom order.

In all fairness, longevity is honestly based on care.


Additional Information

Shipping 101:

  1. Free local pick-up from our home base studio in South Surrey BC, Canada

  2. Flat rate (below cost) within Canada & USA

  3. We are always willing to negotiate shipping with our Overseas friends

  4. Please allow a 1-3 week (business days) turnaround on all orders


All our packaging is created with a zero waste mindset.

We are a ethics driven business meaning we will not answer to aggressive or rude behavior. We love you so please love us! Secondly, we won’t be held responsible for any hazards caused while wearing SoftSoul and owe no liability for injury. Purchases are made on your own discretion.

All footwear is designed and crafted by hand locally in Vancouver B.C. Canada.