We are SoftSoul

“A Soul is defined as one person, or is the spirit and essence of a person. An example of your soul is the part of you that makes you who you are.”


I’m a passionate, outgoing, fun loving individual who loves to be in her garden while drinking a coffee. I’m a mother of two crazy boys Wyatt + Ritchie and wife to Greg.

After the birth of my first son Wyatt in 2015 I suffered from post partum depression. During this time, I was filled with dark negative thoughts, depression and constant debilitating anxiety. Sadly, I was on a path of self destruction while losing all self confidence.

It has been a long journey of healing, however this process has been emotionally grounding and beautifully inspiring.

During this healing process, I first realized how important your soul can be, and how much of an impact I can make on another soul without expecting anything in return. This also was my first understanding of how important your soul is, and how my exterior sheltered a very SoftSoul.

All these revelations have sparked a true journey of ethics, values and creativity.

As a Mother of two young children I really struggle with the ethics shown when it comes to the rights of animals and cruel food processing procedures. Therefore, I have chosen to do what I believe is needed in the industry by creating a vegan cork footwear alternative.

We hope that you will choose cork as your leather alternative, but honestly we are not only an animal free brand. We are a brand focused on quality and love, mothers and children, parents and kids, planet and animals, people and soul.

Secondly, fast fashion and our ongoing daily exposure to toxic chemicals is proven to be on the rise. Serious health issues are also increasing, and are clearly connected to this industry. Like you, I believed and wished that fashion wouldn’t be harmful, however that is deeply incorrect. Chemicals that are often used for finishing kids products have traces of formaldehyde and sulphuric acid.

We need to be reducing our carbon footprint, by utilizing a zero waste mindset. That is why all of our packaging is re-usable or recyclable, Mother Earth deserves to be treated better.. she really needs us.

Lastly, I believe in showing a softness to each other as well as to ourselves. Mental health is such an important part of your physical health and personal well-being. People are so fascinating and inspiring to me, you can count on me to pass no judgement if we ever meet.

SoftSoul is my positive way of building a brighter future for me, you, our kids, our animals, and everything in between.